My name is Yurii. I am Ukrainian, and I am proud. I used to be shy to say that I am Ukrainian, but not anymore. Now I am honoured to be a part of this vast, brave community fighting for freedom, a society that does not want to be enslaved.

Igor is on the train heading to the border between Hungary and Ukraine. His house in Germany already has 16 young refugees filling it to capacity, but Igor is headed to Hungary to bring back some more.

When war broke out in Ukraine on the 24th of February, life changed for everyone. The darkness of war gripped those fleeing from the blasts, and among those fleeing the Russian army, were the 76000 plus international students studying at Ukrainian universities.

A lonely fisherman out crouched over his fishing hole in the ice on Lake Ternopil today. Cold, snowing and grey made for a striking image. This week in my photo challenge with @strebor844 our theme is 'Something Large' I decided that this works and the lake and white openess is about as large as I... Continue Reading →

Another beautiful winters day in the city of Ternopil. Sometimes, things just stand out in a scene and need to be photographed. As I was walking through town this morning, the beautiful bright red jacket was precisely one of those moments. I hope it stops you and compels you to look just a little bit... Continue Reading →

I had the opportunity to photograph a group of medical and dental professionals, a team of American, Australian and local Ukrainian medical staff assembled through @globalhealthoutreach and Open Door Foundation who volunteer their time to work here in Ukraine. Travelling to the small rural community of Verbovets, a small village in the Ternopil region of... Continue Reading →

A big part of my photography work is telling positive stories of work being done and the hope created in areas that many people believe to be hopeless. I love this, and my desire is for you to get a taste of it too, through my images, and to feel moved and compelled to get... Continue Reading →

Here is another interesting face from Ukraine! @calvarychapelternopil runs a soup kitchen to help care for some of the older, isolated people in our community. Often it's the family structure here in Ukraine that cares for the elderly. If that structure isn't available, it can leave people very alone, and vulnerable. It is wonderful to... Continue Reading →

One of the fascinating aspects of living in Ukraine is the coming together of old and new. While there is lots of development in the cities, increased standards of living, an ease of travel and opportunities there is also flashbacks to a less developed past. Once you leave the larger cities and get into the... Continue Reading →

I met this old lady in the village of Verbovets, Ukraine. With her limited mobility, she was so happy to have the opportunity to talk with and be helped by the medical clinic that setup for the week in her small village. For the last few years, I've spent time each spring working on assignment... Continue Reading →

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