Two Amazing People

My amazing daughter Hazel (she made me write that) and my best friend @pappyorion. I love the beauty in the contrast. It’s Kitoko – it’s beautiful.


We can all see the joy in this face. @kitoko_oyo is all about the beauty that is found in Congo and there is nothing as beautiful as the Joy of the Congolese people. What emotions are invoked inside you as you look upon this image?

Patan Durbar Square

Wherever I travel, I love to experience ceremonies, festivals, weddings, and celebrations. They always show the most unique and traditional aspects of a culture and allow for some of the most captivating images!

Off to Germany

I took this picture in Landsberg a few years ago when i was there. Good times.

This is Anglebert!

As soon as I saw Anglebert, I had to photograph him. His face was so full of life and with his style, I knew his portrait would be both beautiful and interesting.

Aussie Bushfires

It’s been a few years since I was on Kangaroo Island and it’s hard to even fathom the destruction and devastation that has occurred.

I’m heading back to Nepal…

As I prepare for my upcoming assignment in Nepal, I am excited to think about the people I will get to meet and the stories they will share. My experiences in Nepal have been full of wonderful people and beautiful sights. The colours, textures, and contrasts astound me. Having the opportunity to get out of…

Just the way it always was.

One of the fascinating aspects of living in Ukraine is the coming together of old and new. While there is lots of development in the cities, increased standards of living, an ease of travel and opportunities there is also flashbacks to a less developed past. Once you leave the larger cities and get into the…

Making bricks to building a life

Watching the process of brick making is fascinating. In the DRC, I have had several opportunities to photograph different brick making ventures, and every time I have been impressed by the process. It’s hard work turning clay and straw into a useable, sellable commodity. These men are proud to show the quality of their bricks…