On this hot summer day I really enjoyed this peaceful village scene.⁠ I remember having time to just wander aimlessly through this village in Malawi. I was on assignment with @extendinghope helping to visually share the stories of the work they are doing in this village. With a medical clinic, school, and agricultural training, they... Continue Reading →

It's a privilege to get to work with ReWoven, and photograph this process, and capture a part of this old and picturesque culture and tradition.⁠

A tranquil, cold morning high in the Caucasus in Georgia finds the Azeri shepherds waiting for the flock to be divided to be taken out to pasture. This refreshingly cool, pre-sunrise morning, will make way for a clear and hot day, a long day for these men as they will be gone until well after... Continue Reading →

I lived that I can play a small part through my photography in helping with projects liked this! From Focus Congo (www.focuscongo.com) - Hello friends, the container full of hope is almost ready to be shipped to Congo. In order to proceed with the shipping We still need half of the fund so we are... Continue Reading →

A lonely fisherman out crouched over his fishing hole in the ice on Lake Ternopil today. Cold, snowing and grey made for a striking image. This week in my photo challenge with @strebor844 our theme is 'Something Large' I decided that this works and the lake and white openess is about as large as I... Continue Reading →

Another beautiful winters day in the city of Ternopil. Sometimes, things just stand out in a scene and need to be photographed. As I was walking through town this morning, the beautiful bright red jacket was precisely one of those moments. I hope it stops you and compels you to look just a little bit... Continue Reading →

I really enjoyed meeting the people in Malawi, and everyone I met was beautiful, friendly, and generous. It is a country that is known as the 'Warm Heart of Africa', and it definitely lives up to its name!⁠ View on Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CMjJLvsHEfY/

An already beautiful scene, here in this picturesque Azeri village in Georgia, gets even more beautiful towards the end of the day as the late afternoon sun floods across the loom as these women together weaving their latest rug.⁠ ⁠ Thanks to the efforts of the organisation ReWoven, much of these skills will be passed... Continue Reading →

Tumaini, a single mother, was struggling to feed and clothe her family. But after joining the Women for Women program, she learned about investment and used our loan program to buy a goat. The goat had two kids, and Tumaini was able to sell one of them for a piece of land. She farmed that... Continue Reading →

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