Kitoko Oyo Ambassador Cherry Performing in Goma

I really do get to meet some of the most amazing, interesting, and talented people!⁠

Let me introduce @cherrymuhima, a @kitoko_oyo ambassador. From the first moment we connected with Cherry, we were captivated by her passion, her creativity, and her love for the Congo. We were able to spend time with Cherry at sunset in Goma on the shores of the beautiful Lake Kivu as she painted her face and performed for us. A memorable and very special experience!⁠

Cherry is a multi dimensional artist producing traditional artworks, paintings and sculptures, while also being a talented performer. She uses her art to tell stories, to raise awareness, and to open discussions about many issues facing Congolese society – especially towards women and children.⁠

This was a fun shoot for me. It’s always a challenge shooting directly into the sun like this, but with the awesome dynamic range on my #Nikond850 and being able to use a couple of speedlights at full power in high speed sync, I could get enough light onto Cherry to balance out the scene nicely. Watching a sunset is so beautiful and peaceful. Photographing into a sunset really shows you how truely fast the sun moves as it disappears before you know it 😁!⁠

Follow: @kitoko_oyo & @focuscongo⁠

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