What Does It Mean To Be Content?

In South Africa, on assignment with @johndavidsonco, I captured this beautiful image of this beautiful child. This morning I was reflecting on this image and how it made me feel.

It’s easy to look at other people, wish you looked like them, had their job, their house or their opportunities. Often we use what other people have as an excuse for not fulfilling our own potential and not striving to be the best we can be. What does it mean to be content? Is it merely putting up with where we are and making the most of a bad situation? One definition I read is to “be in a state of peaceful happiness”.

I have had the opportunity to witness life in many places – good and bad. In both, I have met people who struggle to just survive their situation, and others who are genuinely thriving in it. We don’t get to choose the time or place of our birth, or of our upbringing and the situations that life throws at us. We do however get to choose the way we respond and how we live through our circumstances.

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