Post #500 to Instagram!

This is my 500th post to Instagram! 🥳 A beautiful portrait from South Africa for @johndavidsonco and a little about what makes me tick as a photographer. Enjoy…. Every person has a story, if you listen well, you will find any story to be captivating and worth telling. The reason and the purpose of my images always starts with a story. Some times that is shared over hours, days or weeks with the subject, getting to know them, learning about them, watching them work, live, and learn. Other times the story is briefly witnessed through a fleeting interaction with a person sometimes little more than brief eye contact.

Once I begin, I can be obsessive in my search for these stories, all the details, and the images that will portray them. Everywhere I look is a potential scene and my mind creates a visual of what I want the final image to look like. The camera settings and the act of making the image is second nature and works together to recreate the mental image I see. My conscious mind is free to interact with the subject and observe the surroundings, moving the subject, positioning myself, inspecting every detail of the scene and analyzing everything around it.

Authenticity is important. These are not my stories, these are the stories of others that I am able to make. The connection between me and a subject needs to be deep enough that when you see the image, I am forgotten, and you feel the connection is a personal, intimate connection directly with you. I strive to capture emotion, and find, any emotion is a powerful addition and a key to my images.

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