Become an official partner of Kitoko Oyo!

As you know, I have spent the best part of the last year working with Pappy Orion on an amazing project in the DR Congo.

Kitoko Oyo is project sharing beauty and hope from a country that the world has forgotten and only ever seems to get a mention in a negative context.

So far we have mostly self funded this work, but to finish, we really need sponsors. If your work place, your family, your church, your small group, your sports club or any other group is looking for a project to get behind that will make a difference to the people of the Congo, please consider supporting us. You can become an official partner and get recognition through the project.

Pappy and I would love to share more specific details with you, talk with you, and where possible meet with you personally to give you any, and all, the information you could want about the work we are doing. We have a proposal we would love to share with you electronically or send you a printed version that will explain the what’s, the why’s and the needs of Kitoko Oyo.

We have put a lot of time, effort, hard work, prayers, and resources into this so far, and your support would mean more to us then you could imagine.

Please consider becoming a financial partner with us to see this project completed!

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