Life in the DR Congo

I first visited Chahi Hospital back in 2014. Located in a poor and dangerous region of Bukavu in the DR Congo, the need for quality health care is tremendous. My first impressions of this hospital were of a small, and somewhat dirty facility where over worked staff battled over crowding, lack of basic essentials such as water and electricity and a severe shortage of even the most basic medical supplies. The staff I met were wonderful people, doing an amazing job with the severe obstacles placed in their way. .

I was so happy to return to Chahi hospital 3.5 yrs on, during my recent trip to Bukavu. The changes that I witnessed were impressive. Due to the hard work and fundraising of #focuscongo partnering with the hospital, the place was barely recognizable. New equipment including beds, x-ray, surgical and diagnostic equipment, a generator and water tanks – things that we simply take for granted are changing and saving lives every day in this part of the DRC. The smiles on the faces of staff and patients show just how much these changes meanrci_20171002_7154


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