Photographing Yosemite – In the footsteps of Ansel Adams.

I want to take you on a quick visual journey with me through a few of my favourite photographs by Ansel Adams.



Ansel Adams spent his life photographing the world around him, and a lot of that time was spent in Yosemite National Park. This past month, we were visiting family in California, and I got the opportunity to go for a day trip with my family to Yosemite. What an amazing place. I can see why Ansel Adams would dedicate so much of his life to photographing this remarkable place. The size of the mountains is absolutely breathtaking, with sheer rock faces towering in the sky. Crystal clear rivers of cool fresh water meandering through the valley floor. Deer grazing on the lush green grass in the meadows. The trees, flowers and grass – nature all around, still looking pristine and beautiful in spite of the hoards of people.

In the short few hours that I got to spend in the Park, I couldn’t help thinking about the hardness of the land around. Where there are now roads, shops and toilets, once there was nothing but trees. No paths. No people. It must have taken some pretty amazing, dedicated and tough people to find such a place and just as difficult for Ansel Adams to photograph it!

I hope to make it back to Yosemite one day, and spend more then a few hours in the park. Its an inspiring place, and a photographers dream. I’m no Ansel Adams, but here are a few of my photos from what must be one of the most famous National Parks in the world.



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