10 Points to Better Understand Your Photographer

Everyone takes photos, not everyone is a photographer. I thought I would make a list of the top 10 things that will help you understand your photographer better,  and help your photographer not want to punch you in the face.

1. Yes I took 1000 photos of you, and no you will not see them all.
2. You will get to see your photo when it is ready. I follow a process to make your photo look great. This is what makes me a professional. If you want instant gratification, stand in front of a mirror & use your phone camera.
3. Yes I will edit your photo. This takes time, talent and specialised, expensive software. It’s not an Instagram filter.
4. I will not give you unedited photos.
5. I do not just take a quick snap. If you want me to do your photos, it should be because you want the best result. This takes planning, preparation and time. I am good at what I do, let me do it.
6. It is not my equipment that makes me a professional. I have invested lots of time & money into my professional development. It’s thousands of hours taking & editing photos. Don’t tell me if you only had my equipment you could do what I do.
7. My photos are my livelihood. It takes a lot of great photos to build a successful business & a good reputation. It takes very few bad ones to ruin it. Don’t expect me to do something quick, cheap & poorly just because the quality is not important to you.
8. I know how to make you look good in a photo. Listen to my advice.
9. Don’t try and offer me photographic advice while I am taking your photo. If I need help I will ask for it. You have hired me for my results. I do know what I am doing.
10. During the photographic process, never, I repeat never, tell the photographer “I look horrible in that photo”. That’s what you look like. It’s our job to try and make that look good. Wait for the end result before you make any comments.

If you know a photographer, you have probably had some struggles understanding what they do and why they do what they do.

If your a photographer & feel I left something important out, or if you know photographers and still don’t understand us, leave a comment below!


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