Ancient Monasteries of Armenia – A Black & White Collection.

I spent 2011 in Armenia with my wife and daughter working with the christian missions organization Youth With a Mission. While we didn’t get to see all the amazing sights that Armenia has to offer, we did get to a fair few of them, and I did get to take many photos. Many of these you may have seen all ready on my website, but this morning I felt inspired to go back and look at and re-work some of my¬†favorites. I’ve put together this beautiful collection of black & white images of Armenian Churches & Monasteries.

So before this goes on too long, here are the images. Have a good look, enjoy, and let me know what you think!


About Ryan Carter Images

Photographer Ryan Carter studied photography in South Australia receiving an Advanced Diploma in Commercial Photography. His professional experience has been in the areas of advertising and travel, giving him experience from high end commercial photography to capturing images on the back roads of Armenia. He sees himself as a long form visual story teller striving to tell stories of global significance in a social, political and spiritual context.
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2 Responses to Ancient Monasteries of Armenia – A Black & White Collection.

  1. Wow, fantastic work, Ryan!

  2. Beautiful shots – the black and white and light is wonderful.

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