Language of Photography.

Being a photographer, it sometimes feels as though I speak another language. The other day while at work, I started listening to our conversation and reslised that to many people what we talk about as photographers is as strange as Chinese, Dutch or Norwegian. Talking about cropping this and dodging and burning that. Shooting that wide open while checking the shadow detail at high iso’s. F-stops, aperture, dynamic range, rim lights, ratios, stops the list goes on.

How important to photography is this technical stuff. Is it important to understand your lighting ratios and terms such as depth of field and the inverse square law.

One of the things I personally love about photography is the combination of creativity and technology. Great photos can be made with no technical knowledge of Photography at all, while technically perfect photos can be dull and boring.

As photographers, the challenge is to combine the technical with the creative. To produce stunning photographs, time after time, which are technically perfect and beautiful to look at.

Just my thoughts for this morning…..


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