Post #500 to Instagram!

This is my 500th post to Instagram! 🥳 A beautiful portrait from South Africa for @johndavidsonco and a little about what makes me tick as a photographer. Enjoy…. Every person has a story, if you listen well, you will find any story to be captivating and worth telling. The reason and the purpose of my…

Indigenous Songwriter

A few years back, I had an assignment with the South Australian Government. It was a good job, getting to travel around the state to photograph a bunch of different people who were part of an initiative to support families. I pulled up to a quiet house on a quiet street to photograph a musician….

Ukraine Face

Here is another interesting face from Ukraine! @calvarychapelternopil runs a soup kitchen to help care for some of the older, isolated people in our community. Often it’s the family structure here in Ukraine that cares for the elderly. If that structure isn’t available, it can leave people very alone, and vulnerable. It is wonderful to…

Beautiful Children of Congo

I love the colors, the smiles, the scene, and the avocados for a mid morning snack…. @kitoko_oyo – These children of Congo are beautiful.

Secret places of Nepal

A hidden scene at Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. I am always looking for compositions some are obvious, while some are hidden away like this – the colours, shapes, positions and textures coming together in such a pleasing way framed through the intricate lattice work on the temple window. Trekking in Nepal with @johndavidsonco last December…

Perfect Nepal

Nepal and it’s people are so beautiful. A scene like this with the old lady walking through the rice fields, mountains in the background is straight out of a movie. My experiences in Nepal have been so beautiful. Everyone I have met has been friendly, and open to a chat and a photo. I have…

Stories from Congo

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country that has been plagued by civil #conflict and #war for decades, studies find that up to 40% of women have experienced #sexualviolence in their lifetime. I love meeting people in the #DRC, but am often left #heartbroken by the stories that I hear. It is hard to imagine living…

Woman of Congo

Here is a mother. A wife. A provider for her family. She is a strong woman of Congo. I captured this portrait while on assignment with @womenforwomen. We got to meet many amazing women and help tell their powerful stories of strength, resilience, and hope through adversity. Welcome to Congo! It’s @kitoko_oyo! . . ….

Nepal Earthquake – 5 years ago

The #nepalearthquake struck Nepal 5 years ago today. The village of Langtang in the Himalayas was completely destroyed by a landslide. They have rebuilt, but the loss and devastation is still strongly felt and the survivors live with a constant reminder of that dreadful day. Trekking through Langtang back in December was one of the…

Shoe Maker

In a tiny, dirt floored wooden hut in Bukavu, Congo, this man was working with his father to make shoes. He would cut and prepare the leather by hand before passing it across to his father to sew and assemble into beautiful hand crafted shoes to be sold in the tiny store along the bustling street outside