Shoe Maker

In a tiny, dirt floored wooden hut in Bukavu, Congo, this man was working with his father to make shoes. He would cut and prepare the leather by hand before passing it across to his father to sew and assemble into beautiful hand crafted shoes to be sold in the tiny store along the bustling street outside

A Mothers Unconditional Love

Sometimes all that we need is the security & safety that comes from  unconditional love.

Mechanical Mill

A mechanical mill such as this in the villages of Malawi are life changing. The time spent grinding the maize by hand every day is immense, and this machine will free up the women in the village to be able to do many other things with that time.

Why Photography?

Every person has a story, if you listen well, you will find any story to be captivating and worth telling. The reason and the purpose of my images always starts with a story.

Hope for Congo

Children like this girl are the future of Congo. She is excited to have the opportunity to learn and study at school.

Memories on a Mountain

I just returned from 2 weeks in Nepal on assignment with @uncommonway photographing a trekking team in the Himalayas. I am sitting here going through the collection of images I made, and each one triggers a beautiful memory of a special moment from the past couple of weeks.

Stories of Nepal

This time it was 6 days trekking in the Himalayas to photograph the local villages, showing the immense natural beauty, and exploring what life is like in some of the most remote places on Earth.

Grandeur of Mountains

As we stood watching, the white, snow covered mountain tops attempted to break through the cloud. Little glimpses like this would appear for mere seconds, the peaks highlighted with the warm rays of the glowing evening sun before disappearing once again in the swirling haze of cloud.

Thoughts on 10 years with a Camera

It’s incredibly fulfilling to love what I do. To be excited about my last assignment, passionate about my current assignment, and full of expectation for my next assignment.

Moments That Last a Lifetime

We had been walking for days. My body hurt and I was tired. We began another day, an early start again and as we left the guest house, it was cold. I was really feeling every rock and step in my path. Watching one foot go ahead of the other was tiring and I was drained.